A brief history and hypothesis on the development of the nature of, need for, and the role of information architecture in the new millennium:

“Man’s cumulative knowledge of the world has grown dramatically within the last century. Of this development there have sprung numerous effects and side effects. One such phenomenon is that of the critical mass of individual knowledge.”

“What does this mean to the artist, the designer, the architect and the mathematician, and what does this mean to the specialist and the layperson?”

“Had the sociologist known more about biology, the biologist more about anthropology, the anthropologist more about philosophy, and the philosopher more about statistics, they may have immediately noted a flaw in their theory, or conversely, could provide more evidence toward its argument—ultimately, been able to see their challenges in wholly new ways, with greater depth and integrity.”

“With the conduits of understanding reopened at the periphery, and the dialogue on man’s experience of the world reinvigorated, the circumference of this appreciation will grow with exponentially greater force than ever before…”

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