After becoming familiar with a particular government organization’s method of evaluating its volunteers’ language proficiency, we applied the concept to the unlikely task of similarly evaluating consciousness. Our motivation to produce such a tool was to provide those engaged in exploring consciousness with a way to assess others they encounter, and themselves, should they care to. This appears to happen in one form or other in most interactions, often resulting in oversimplified impressions. A more sophisticated method for doing so should shed light on how one’s own consciousness aligns with those of others.

The risk we run is that it will become simply another means of proliferating judgment and hierarchy, but we’re confident those tendencies decrease as one becomes more proficient. If you disagree in principle with the thought of people running around measuring consciousness, you may be suffering from outrageous indignation and should avoid using the tool. Outrageous indignation is never pleased where it finds itself on the scale, and may increase drastically. If you disagree with some of the particulars, it is only a matter of perspective—yours or ours—and it should work itself out in due time. If, on the other hand, you see this as a useful extension of our tendency to evaluate one another, we hope it will provide some insight.

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